Friday, September 24, 2010

good luck for ur exam

dear venture !!

if anyone of u is to pop by i will like to wish u guys all the best for your EXAM !!!!

jiayou !!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December crew updates...

Ahoy crew,
Been a while...fatherhood is lots of fun!
Anyway, below are the details of the KL exchange trip for the 6 ventures;

1. Day 1: Depart for Malaysia Rainforest Trekking (after lunch)

2. Day 2: Unit Visit (Indoor and Outdoor activities)

3. Day 3: Campfire Night (Cultural Exchange, campfire)

4. Day 4: Experience Malaysia (Sightseeing, Batu Caves)

5. Day 5: Depart for Singapore (after visit to scout HQ)

For me, Otter & Yu Heng, we join them on Monday & Thursday nights & Friday. The other time we'll be in Genting Highlands. Please bring Full Uniform! This is our programme;
  1. (Optional) Send crew off at Changi Airport @ 0530hrs. Then we leave for our (about 6hours) road trip to KL.
  2. Day 1: Meet contingent at hostel after we book into our 6 Star hotel (
  3. Day 2: We say temporary good byes to our crew as we head to Genting Highlands First World Hotel. Then fun, laughter & cool temperatures.
  4. Day 3: Genting fun. But at night we'll head down to KL to the hosting Scout unit school for campfire, Yay!
  5. Day 4: We try to catch our remaining crew before they leave for KL shopping OR we just meet them halfway (if we wake up late in Genting!). We check into Hotel Maya again.
  6. Day 5: We'll follow the contingent bus to Malaysia Scout HQ & shop. MUST buy scout souvenirs!!! Then when they leave for home, we'll take our slow journey back to SG. Another 6 hours :0 (I don't know if my grown up, active son can take it!!!!!)
Bon Voyage!

Next, Venture camp is postponed to 8th to 10th January 2010, mainly due to inavailability of Siglap teachers (at least 1 is required to be present at any activity). It is compulsory for all Sec 4 scouts (Bernard & gang) & all '09 crew ventures to attend.

Next year's VLC will be special as there was none this year. Special because I'll be sending 2 crews instead of the usual 1 crew, & the 2010 VLC will be something extraordinary (unlike past years). I'll be looking forward to it, so should you. Venture Leadership Course is an important step in your venturing years.

That's all for now...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Updates on June activities...

Ahoy crew,
Been a while eh...currently we have 126 H1N1 cases already!!!

We have the following activities this month;
  1. June Training camp whereby some of you ventures had passed the Monkey bridge pioneering (Congrats).
  2. Sent Wombat to NS!!!
  3. Meridien Cub scout Flag ceremony & campfire (fun as always!!!)
  4. Sent Marlin to NS & welcome Kind Heron back after safely completing his NS!!!!
  5. "Star of the Sea" student care centre day outing at Pasir Ris Park (combined with troop & Rovers; fun too!)
  6. Poi Ching cubs camp & Pasir Ris Park (cancelled due to the rising numbers of infection in H1N1)
  7. Hougang Rangers Campfire on 27th June. (any takers?) CANCELLED, not going
  8. In July 4th, we'll have another Poi Ching & Thai scouts games day in Poi Ching school. (hope its ON & not cancelled due to H1N1.) CANCELLED
  9. "Star of the Sea" student care centre dinner treat at Ehub Sakura on 4th July.
That's all for now...
updated by RF on 5th July

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear Ventures !!

hi ventures !! erm do study hard for you exam and all and pls pls pls also work out a plan for your VSS ok !!!!

those who sign up for VLC pls do not be late ar !! haha

erm seriously i jus started as a AVSL and sad to say i did not have enough time to spend with u guys then i have to go NS le !! haha .. but nevertheless i will still be around so still keep me update on everything u all do ok !!!

i will miss u guys de !! haha dun worry ar !!

Lovely Wombat

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hi crew,
A quick one here in the wee hours of the morning...There are 2 courses which you have to go (VLC is important, the other optional);

  1. Tampines Dist Venture Leadership Course (sooo happy I'm not CD!) = 13th to 14th June (Sat & Sun, its a 2 day 1 night lecture camp, sleeping in bunk beds dormitory). I'm sending all '09 crew SO mark these dates. All have to go so you can pass a section of your Venture Scout Standard.
  2. First Aid Course, from Red Cross Association = from the 18th to 20th of June 2009 (Thurs to Sat; ask Marlin for timing); I want names for this course by 6th May. Please inform Gibbon or Marlin.

That's all for now...

P/S Good luck for the exams now, study & score well....not sore very well!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Ventures,

HI all !!! how are you guys preparing for your mid-year exam ??
please study hard for your exam !

firstly, i will like to congratulate all Ventures for the hard work put in last year, in result, we had achieve FCS BRONZE AWARD !! YA YA

Good Job done by the Crew and also to our VSL Azhari !!!

i will also like to update you guys on the Scout unit, the scout unit had achieve FCS GOLD AWARD for year 2008 !!! well done too !!

Secondly, how is the 09venture doing for your VSS ? if you guys need help in any of it please do contact me or Azhari, in the mean time we will help you guys to look out for course and do reply us when there is one ok ?

take care ... see you guys soon !!!
(any more soccer match coming up?)

Yours in Venturing
Lovely Wombat

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cage soccer

Hi crew,
The cage has been booked for this Thursday, 9th April, from 4pm to 6pm. S$50 for 2 hours at student rate. We have to produce 5 student passes so please don't forget to bring them.
The details again are;

Venue: East Coast Futsal Cage
Time: 1600hrs to 1800hrs

See you there!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Saturday's (4th April 2009) meet...

Ahoy crew,
How has it been since our last soccer meet? How's school? How is life with your new scout names?
Here's a quick change of plan. Jackal suggested kayaking, the Rovers ask for Venture vs Rover soccer at Pasir Ris Park. The venue & time is still the same, at the Pasir Ris Sea Sports club, BUT the activity will be either soccer, badminton or Kayaking OR we can do all!!!

Time: 0900hrs
Venue: Pasir Ris Sea Sports Club
Activity: White Stag Venture & Rover combined meeting
Attire: Venture shirt & a shirt for the activities (Siglap preferably)
Money: Your own decision (minimum S$10, maximum S$30)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Job well done!

Ahoy crew,
Great news for the '09 crew & Wombat! Both so called newbies in this & they have performed exceptionally well. Impressive as in the words of Lord Vader!!!

The experienced '08 crew & the Rovers too have done White Stag proud. For honour & glory eh guys!!! No guts, no glory, they're just kids! heh

Below is the appreciation letter from the CSL of Casuarina Primary. Though I know I miss something great, I know my family must come first now. Don't fret, so far you doing a-okay, the ship's not sinking YET!

From: Wong Pih May
Date: Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: White Stag - Cub Scout Service Project 2009
To: "Norman (Marlin)"
Cc: Casuarina ACSL Edger, Casuarina ACSL Mr Shahrin

Dear Marlin,

Yes! The White Stag -Cub Scout Project 2009 has definitely provided my unit with much help!

The 46 cubs who went for the jobweek have benefitted much from the ventures and rovers' guidance.

The White Stag Ventures and Rovers were very patient. They were clear of their roles and facilitated the cubs' learning very smoothly. I was moving around the neighbourhood with my other leaders to capture pictures and videos of the jobweek activities. I am impressed by how the ventures and rovers talked and guided the little cubs. I must say this is the true scouting spirit.

At the end of the project, which ended at 4pm, the ventures actually stayed back to helped out with our UG Campfire. The Assist Venture Scout Leader, Wombat, together with the ventures have helped to build up the ambience for the campfire.

On behalf of my unit, I thank you sincerely for providing us with so much help in the admirable scouting spirit! Cheers!

Ms Rae Wong
SH NE/ Global Outreach
Casuarina Primary School

P/S: I have prepared some tokens of appreciation and also pictures. WIll see how I can pass them to you.

Ok next would be 9 to 10 May whereby Ms Goh of Meridien have asked us to help them in their Mid-year camp's campfire similar to last year (whereby Basha ran to IKEA!!!). More details to come. The question is, are you all free from exams during that time???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jobweek Camp

Dear Ventures,

please be reminded that we will be helping out the cub scout on the 14th of feb morning and i will need brendan to comfirm the number of venture coming for the camp and sms me the number of people by 11th of feb 2359hrs.

please do your part by telling brendan if you are coming for the camp.

as for jobweek. all year 1 venture are require to do jobweek so that we can earn more fund for ourself !!! the camp will start from, 13th of feb (friday) till 16th of feb(monday), please bring money for your lunch as u will be out for jobweek.

on the 13th i will also do a last briefing for all the venture helping out in the cub jobweek program. you are to fall in outside the den at 1500hrs.

Hope to see you guys in the camp !!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Ventures,

On the 6th and 7th of march there will be a Pow Wow and D-Camp and all venture are suppose to come down for the camp to help out in the pow wow and also there will be program for all the venture.

Please bring things needed for 2 day 1 night camp !!

If you can't attend the camp please write in a excuse letter and submit to the Teachers to let them know why and also inform azhari and myself about it.

Hope to see you guys in the camp and please go and ask for Consent form from the teacher and be responsible enough to submit it back !!

please bring along your venture test card on the day itself too !!
and also...
please bring enough money for your dinner supper and next day lunch !!

Yours In Venturing

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Ventures,

28th of Feb meeting will be cancel due to Cest La Vie 09 and your monkey bridge test will be move to during jobweek itself.

please be reminded that those who are suppose to go to Azhari School for service onn 21st of feb please be there and be at your best at all time as your guys will be out representing SIGLAP VENTURE !!! please make sure your uniform is in tip top condition.

please also do come down to Changket Secondary School to help out at the store to earn more unit funding !!! and pls come down for the campfire as well as it will help us to get more FCS points !!!

For those performing please come down for trainin on the respective date.
  1. 17th of Feb, 3pm @ Siglap Sec
  2. 19th of Feb, 3pm @ Siglap Sec
  3. 20th of Feb, 3pm @ Changket Sec
  4. 21st of Feb, 1pm @ Changket Sec

please be there on time for all training !!! if you guys are not able to attend any of the date please give me a call !!

Nicholas aka Wombat

Monday, February 16, 2009


Ahoy crew,
here's the link to last year's blog entry of the service to my school.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

14th feb Meeting

Dear Ventures,

This Sat, we will be having our kayaking at Pasir Ris Park and please be there on time to ensure we have enough time to kayak. On Sat itself, I will also be discussing with you guys about the jobweek colaboration with cub scout unit and we will have to send out the email soon to allow the cub scout unit to react.

The '07 crew has become White Stags 1st Rover crew. I've invited them to the kayaking. in exchnage with RSL Humming Bee, the Rovers & us have to be in full uniform to lower flag together with the scouts. This is to show / introduce the new White Stag Troop that we have.

So please bring your Full Uniforms!

Venue : Pasir Ris Park Water Venture
Time : 9am sharp, to end by 11am & to report to Siglap by Noon to lower flag
Date : 14th of Feb 2009
Things to bring : Money for Kayaking ($10 or more for non-Star 1)
Remember, with the opening of the kayak stall at Pasir Ris beach, those without Star 1 can join us for kayaking at a cost of S$12 an hour. You'll be using an expedition, open ocean kayak.
Lunch money
Extra clothing

Even though it is Valentine's Day, I still want u guys to attend daily meetings as you guys will only have half a year to enjoy & you aren't allowed to concentrate on dating at this time!!! You can always plan your V-date in the future! haha so see you guys there!!

Yours In Venturing
Nicholas Choo aka Wombat
WhiteStag Venture Crew
Asst. Venture Scout Leader

Edited by RF

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hi all,

East Spring Oneida had invited us to join them on their Sundays Dragon Boat training, therefore if you are interested to join, please inform Azhari or Wombat by this Saturday's meeting (7 Feb 2009). Below are the details.

Start of Feb, every sunday.
$60 + $30= $90/ 2hr
$90 / 12people = $7.50 per pax (This cost is per person, before Azhari and Wombat take the helm course)

$30 / 12people = $2.50 per pax (This cost is per person, after Azhari and Wombat take the helm course)

- $60 is for instructor fee, therefore if Azhari and Wombat take the helm course, we do not need to pay any instructor fee.
- 1 boat can seat 12 people
- Its not a 'as and when you like it' you attend kind of thing, so please attend regularly!

Venue: Bedok Resevior
Time: 1000 hours to 1200 hours
Date: Every Sunday

*Its only exclusive to ventures, rovers and leaders!

Next, regarding the District Campfire performance, all are to join, including scouts and rovers, therefore, crew 09, please try to add in the rovers too.

Cheerful Panda

Saturday 7th of Feb Meeting

Dear Ventures,

Please be reminded that this saturday meeting will be at siglap sec sch. The 09 Ventures will be doing their Monkey bridge project training. 09 ventures please come down on time for meeting.

Time : 9am
Attire : Full Uniform, Bring along your PT kit
Venue : Siglap Sec
Program : Monkey Bridge Training

Please come down in full uniform for flag break with the scout together and please be in your best behaviour as the sec 1 will be down for meeting as well.

Brendan please sms all the ventures to remind them. thanks
BOSS !! please come down early if you can !! if you are not coming down let me know. Thanks

Yours In Venturing
Nicholas Choo aka Wombat
Siglap WhiteStag Venture Crew
Asst. Venture Scout Leader

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30th Jan 2009

Dear Ventures,

as we had decided on the first meeting in siglap that we will be meeting on 30th of jan to plan out our 1st quarter activity, so please be reminded that you are to attend the meeting on 30th jan night time.

Boss !! please join us !!

Time: 7pm
Venue: Tampines Mart MacDonalds
Date: 30th of Jan 2009

Please do not be late for the meeting and please comfirm your attendace with brendan.
Brendan please sms me the number of people coming for the meeting !! thx !!

31st of Jan

As for 31st of jan, the sec 1 will be coming down for their 1st ever meeting, so please have in mind what will we be doing for the sec 1 and we will disccus about it on 30th meeting !!

Things To Prepare For 30th Meeting
1st : 31st meeting
2nd: have in mind what kind of activity you wish to have for disscusion
3rd: District Field Day Game Store
4th: District CampFire Performance ( For the Whole Unit )

Do prepare the following stuff.

Thanks !!!

Yours In Venturing
Nicholas Choo aka Wombat
Siglap White Stag Venture Crew
Asst. Venture Scout Leader


Ahoy Crew,
At long last we're sea bound again...this time those without Star 1 kayaking certification can also join as there's a new Kayak shop that has set up beside the beach. It's S$12/- for 1 hour for an expedition kayak (a long, open single-seater kayak with compartments at both ends :0). Shall we go again?

Monday, January 26, 2009


Wishing all crews HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Collect lots and lots of ang pao and then donate to crew fund! ;)
It's Ox year guys, Smiling Ox's year that is!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

24th Jan Meeting

Dear Ventures,

please be reminded that there will be a meeting this coming saturday !!
we will be going to pasir ris park for kayaking , football and chit chat session !! so please do come down for the meeting.

Venue : Pasir Ris Park (outside Water Venture)
Time : 9am sharp
Things to bring : $$ for kayaking ( member $8 , Non-member $15) and also for lunch
extra outfit to change after kakaying
please wear shoe for kayaking, can change to slipper after kayaking

so see you guys on the coming saturday and pls be reminded that there will not be any meeting on 31st feb.


Yours In Venturing

Friday, January 16, 2009

First Combine meeting of the year...

Ahoy crew,
Tomorrow will be our first meeting of the year & as usual it will be held in school, combined with the troop. Please inform the rest if you read this post. My apologies for the late busy as a bee with school & baby & my new soccer CCA!

  1. Break flag together with troop (double flag staff please, Otter can help me see to that please)
  2. Viewing of past year activity photos as usual
  3. Planning of new Ex-co
  4. Planning & info on upcoming crew activities
  5. AOB
  6. Lower flag
  7. Lunch (need to be home by 3pm as expecting visitors for baby!)

Looking forward for tomorrow when the sea will overshadow the seaweeds (hopefully all ventures are present)

Monday, January 12, 2009

'O' Level ReSuLtsssssss...

Ahoy crew,
GOOoooooooood luCk to all the crew who's taking their results NOW!

May the FOrCe be with you and choose your next move in this chess game of life cAREfuLLy!

Need any advice??? Do approach Gibbon, Mr Ralph, me or Humming Bee OR the rest of the young leaders.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi crew!
Wishing you all the best in your future dealings in 2009.

Venture meeting this Sat in school at 9am. Please spread the message.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Night Cycling

Dear Ventures,

i will be out for night cycling this 3rd of jan with sands rovers and east spring ventures, so if any of you is interested of joining(your parent must allow !!) please sms me and let me know !!

Start Point: Changi Village
End Point: Changi Village
Time: 830pm to 7am
Attire: PT Kit

we will be covering ECP, Indoor Stadium and Suntec City then back to Changi. for those who want to go and do not have a bike u can rent a bike at changi village there at $10 per night but u will have to go early at 7pm to rent.

do let me know if any of you is interested !!!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Greetings crew,
Merry Christmas to those celebrating & may you receive beneficial gifts from your loved ones!

To the rest, have a good cloudy & cool day today!

Picture from

Monday, December 22, 2008


Ok photos are updated at the Flickr the link below or just go to the Photos link at the side menu...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sisters' Island

Ahoy crew,
welcome the addition of '09 crew.

Good Luck '08 crew on your 'N' level results tomorrow!

It was a great camp; good swimming, good acrobatics, good diving, good hunting (crabs, gong gongs & fish), good fight with the monkeys and good campfire bonding sessions!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Venture camp with PLC members (Updated)

Ahoy crew,
The dates are confirmed, ready your bags and your sea legs. Ready for fish & crab catching too AND sun tanning, swimming and spending some time cast out on an island!

Dates: 14th to 16th Dec 2008 (Sun to Tues)
Venue: Sisters' Island (Subar Laut, Big sister)

Attendance please?

Crew '07 = Aaron Klass, Cheerful Panda, Staunch Otter, Weasel, Tamarin except Gentle Iwa, Witty Cricket & Crayfish :(
Crew '08 = Amirul, Anamalai, Yu Heng, Basha
Leaders = Mr Ralph, Gibbon, Humming Bee, Roving Ferret, Wombat, Raging Bat
Marcus from Oneida!?! (he'll be our Bell boy I guess, IF he really want to follow) hehehe

Please click on the pic & read about the Stone fish.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tampines district cub scouts' field day 2009

hey all, how is venturing?

Thanks to all ventures who have helped out in the Tampines District Patrol Leaders Training Camp 2oo8 and Sixers' Training Camp 2008. Coming up next is the Tampines District Cub Scouts Field Day 2009 and Tampines District Campfire 2009. Anyone who is interested to help Wombat out in the event, please tell me or Wombat as soon as possible. Thanks.

If interested, please come down to the first meeting on:
Venue: Tampines 201 McDonalds
Date: 3 Dec 2008
Time: 1700hours

Contributed by Staunch Otter
Edited by Cheerful Panda

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PLC 08 Farewell Camp @ Sisters Island

Hey guys,

There a meeting this friday (28 Nov 08) at 201 McDonalds, be there at 1700hours. This meeting is to plan for the upcoming farewell camp for the PLC 08 at Sisters Island. If you can't make it for the meeting, please be kind enough to inform Yu Heng.